Team Competence Center


In the past

For long times working was only based on a static vertical command structure: Clear definition and demarcation in hierarchy made way for orders and ambitions to be directed from management to employees. This was mostly done by giving orders without letting employees take part in the decision for processes. By this means, ambitions were not transparent and therefor the employees did not live it: They worked together but had no team spirit.


Corporate communication and transparency are important: Business objectives and demands are transparent and understandable. Many companies have internal "think tanks" and innovation programs where employees have the possibility to give own ideas as input: They work in a team. Agreements on objectives mean challenges and make the results transparent and measurable.


The vision is to develop teamwork into teamspirit: The focus is not only on your own work but on the whole benefit for the company. Transparency and dialog make the change of mind and raise awareness for the objectives and development of the company. Projects replace static allocation of tasks. Employment promotion and appreciation improve performance and identification.